Training Women To Train Women

Posted by Mike Abramovich on  August 9, 2015
Women journey to gun ownership on a completely different path then men. It is no longer a news flash – women have been and are coming to the world of firearms in huge numbers and with passion. Ranges and firearm training schools are flooded with these feminine firearm freshmen eager to learn everything there is to know about guns and how to use them safely and effectively. At The Well Armed Woman, I am fully
Vertical Fore grips may be the most popular AR accessory purchased, but most people don’t know the history of them and why we use them on modern sporting rifles. I just saw another picture posted on Facebook with a shooter holding the Vertical Fore Grip (VFG) on an AR like you would shooting a submachine gun. How many of you have an AR-15 with a vertical fore grip? Are you gripping like you would milk
There is a lot to be said for dry firing, for both rifle and pistol shooters. Dry firing allows you to become intimate with your firearm. It forces you to concentrate on the two most important of the shooting fundamentals, aiming and trigger control. And using your firearm, it costs absolutely nothing to train this way. I believe there are few things you can do that will improve your trigger control dry fire. When at
Here are some thoughts regarding your role in your student’s CCW permit application process. Acceptable Training for an Arizona CCW Permit.Complete a firearms safety training program pursuant to ARS ยง13-3112 Obtaining a Permit Applicant Instructions Determine whether you meet the qualifications to obtain a concealed weapon permit: the provisions contained in Arizona Revised Statute Title 13, chapters 4 and 31: the Concealed Weapons Permit Unit, via email to request an application packet which contains an application,

Dot Torture Drill

Posted by Mike Abramovich on  January 2, 2013
You’ve heard of the Dot Torture Drill. Now it’s time to shoot it. This is a great marksmanship drill. The DOT TORTURE DRILL. You’ve heard of it, it’s time to shoot it. Start at 3 yards. You have to get all 50 hits to pass. Once you can shoot the whole drill without a single miss, either increase the distance or shoot it timed. For example, try to finish the drill in under 5 minutes