Certified Instructor Academy

As an Army combat veteran and retired law enforcement supervisor, firearms trainer and range master, I have been through countless training courses in the past 40+ years. None comes close to the caliber or quality I experienced with Mike. He is passionate about training and definitely on top of his game. I heartily recommend him as your trainer should you decide to become an Instructor. He is the best I’ve seen.
~ Joe C. – Flagstaff, AZ (Retired Law Enforcement Instructor)

I have taken a number of instructor courses taught by Mike Abramovich. I am now retired after 32 years of Law Enforcement, Federal DEA, and VA OIG. I am very impressed with Mike and his teaching skills. I have over the many years of attending training classes have had great, good and poor trainers but no one has comes close to the knowledge, skill and passion that Mike Abramovich possesses! And it is not just me, through the many contacts I have some have also taken instruction from Mike and they are just as impressed as I am. Mike is a true down to earth professional who has found his calling. At the end of his class of instruction you will have an excellent grasp of what you learned! I have the highest regard for Mike and what he does, he is a true educator. I say this with true sincerity, if I was half the instructor that Mike is, I would not be retired!
~ Mike B. – Chandler, AZ (Retired Law Enforcement Instructor, DEA)

As a federal agent I am an instructor in numerous fields, both on and off the job and have taken many courses in firearms and tactics. I took the Certified Instructor Academy not intending to actually teach to the public, but rather to simply improve my own marksmanship and teaching skills. But this academy far exceeded my expectations. I walked away eager and passionate about teaching NRA courses to the public. In all of my years as a student, agent, and instructor Mike has hands down been one of, if not the best, instructor that I’ve had the privilege of learning from. In my experience instructors teaching “instructor courses” often miss the ball or have a difficult time engaging and working with experienced (and even basic) students. Mike was the opposite, an absolutely phenomenal instructor with a great deal of experience in the field. His communication style, attitude, and passion for what he does is second to none! I’m truly impressed and grateful for the opportunity to have improved my skills, made some great connections, and more importantly, to have realized the vital and expansive opportunities to help educate a safer public. Mike’s quality of instruction and passion sets the tone for any new shooter or instructor to try to live up to, myself certainly included!
~ J. D. – Page, AZ (Federal Agent)

I’m a veteran of hundreds of adult education experiences as both an instructor and student. Mike combines professionalism, personal engagement, organization, content mastery, experience, attention to detail, humor, and an extraordinary client service ethic, to draw unexpected performance from his students and instructor candidates. He is among the best adult educators I’ve seen.
I drove 1100 miles to take the CIT Certified Instructor Academy. Had I known the value, I’d have happily paid twice as much and traveled twice the distance. Thanks to Mike, I am well-prepared, and will be a better instructor.

~ Greg W. – Seattle, WA

I attended a 3-day NRA Certified Instructor Academy with Mike in March 2013.  I am recently retired from law enforcement and an experienced competition shooter (2008 Beijing Olympics); however, my instructing skills were lacking.  Mike challenges his students to grow and be instructors who make the courses interesting and fun.  I liked how he was able to get the best out of us.  It was evident that he is not in it for the money or status, but that he enjoys the courses, knows the material, and likes the interaction.  I am now a firm believer in his methods, and using them will actually be very beneficial in the coaching I do. I highly recommend Certified Instruction & Training for your firearms training courses.
~ Brenda S – Snowflake, AZ

Mike is a superb training counselor. I initially came to him with an extensive resume, but with no specific firearms training credentials of my own. I chose him based on reputation. I have NRA credentials from the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM and from Valhalla, in Montrose, CO. I rank Mike’s work at the Joe Foss range in Buckeye, AZ as on par-and in many ways-superior to those national recognized programs. For the record, I am a combat veteran, a community volunteer, and a business owner with extensive law enforcement and security background. You can’t go wrong with Mike Abramovich.
~ Stanly B. – Albuquerque, NM

I have been teaching and training people for more than 45 years in the U.S. and abroad – firearms, martial arts, Spanish, history, tracking, border patrol tactical training, border control management, etc. I spent 32 years in law enforcement. I have received countless hours of training. I took Mike’s classes to become a certified NRA Firearms instructor in the hope of learning something new, a methodical approach to firearms training by an established NRA system. Even though I expected to learn, I also expected a lot of boredom and dead time which is often associated with an established, methodical system. I got a very pleasant surprise. Mike is a dynamic instructor and the training far exceeded my expectations. It is my experience that good instructors attract good students. I had other options regards to a selection of instructor but I went to Mike based on his reputation. I discovered that the other students in the room had done the same. One student had traveled over 2,000 miles to take the course from Mike. The students were great which really enhanced the class. Although Mike encourages his students to take classes from other instructors (A good policy that I support), I will take NRA courses in the future from Mike whenever possible. He is simply one of the most competent, enthusiastic, credible instructors I have ever met. I highly recommend him.
~ John F – Tucson, AZ

Mike is one of the best Training Counselors we have in the NRA and able to get the very best out of his instructor candidates as he works with them and encourages them. Watching my fellow candidates grow and gain confidence under his leadership over the course of a few hours is just plain awesome! If you are ready to move to the next level and either learn how to be a great instructor, or polish and hone the skills you already have, please contact Mike and get into the next Certified Instructor Academy offered by Certified Instruction & Training, LLC.
~ Fred E – Yuma, AZ

I recently completed Mike’s 3-day NRA Certified Instructor Training Academy, and I give Mike my highest recommendation. Mike has great skill in bringing out the best in each student, regardless of background, skill and experience. I was amazed at the changes in all of the instructor candidates from the start of day one to the end of day three. Mike’s teaching style, skill and knowledge are the reasons for those changes. Mike says that he loves what he does, and it shows in his students!
~ S. B. – Scottsdale, AZ (Attorney at law)

I attended Mike’s NRA Certified Instructor Academy and couldn’t be happier with the training that I received. Mike is extremely knowledgeable regarding firearm safety, marksmanship and the legal aspects of owning and using a firearm. What is even more important, though, is Mike’s ability to communicate his knowledge to others. As a professional trainer myself, I am keenly aware of the teaching styles and techniques used by other instructors. Mike has the important ability to teach others by guiding them to teach themselves. Although I learned a lot from Mike about the technical aspects of firearm use, I learned even more about how to teach these concepts to others in a relaxed, professional and effective manner. I highly recommend Mike’s classes to anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills in firearms and instructional techniques.
~ Dan M. – Phoenix, AZ

Mike’s NRA Instructor Academy was a life-changing experience for me. Without a doubt, Mike is an excellent, professional and supremely knowledgeable NRA Certified Training Counselor who knows how to get his NRA Certified Instructor Candidates to learn! If you are looking for your NRA Certified Instructor Certification and you’re reading this review then look no further. Not only will you come away a supremely trained and fine-tuned Certified NRA Instructor, you’ll get to know well some other like-minded outstanding instructor candidates that you’ll be closely interacting with throughout your learning experience.
Thanks again for an outstanding 3 day weekend Mike!

~ Spencer A. – Phoenix, AZ

Mike does so many things exceptionally well during his classes that’s it’s difficult to decide the most remarkable part. The professionalism and level of instruction is outstanding, but for me the best part is how Mike constantly offers ways to make you a better instructor.
If you are interested in actually being the best instructor you can be rather than merely checking off another certification you could do no better than CIT.

~ Josh H – Litchfield Park, AZ

I wish I could give Certified Instruction and Training more stars! Mike was awesome and I was pleasantly surprised at all I learned throughout this course! Coming from a 9 year military background and going through countless courses I was’t quite looking forward to attending this course over the weekend. By the end of the course I wish I could have stayed all week. Mike brings a great energy into all of his classes and has great interaction with all his students. Would HIGHLY recommend any course Certified Instruction and Training has to offer. I know I will be attending many more in the future!
~ Ryan W – Arizona

This NRA Instructor class far exceeded my expectations for an NRA course. Seeing Mike instruct and the level of professionalism he brought to the course gave me a whole new appreciation of what an NRA class should be like. He sets the bar high for himself and the instructors he trains. I’m truly fortunate to have had this experience while developing as a firearms instructor.
~ David S – Scottsdale, AZ

Outstanding Training Counselor and outstanding new friend! As a result of taking Mike’s class, I am now an NRA certified instructor and also learned a vast amount of knowledge to pass on to future shooters and hopefully NRA members. I will be taking additional classes with Mike, in the near future and I strongly suggest him to others!
~ Scott R. – Phoenix, AZ

I cannot recommend Mike highly enough! Mike is a true professional and loves what he does! His depth of understanding of the subject matter is extensive. He truly has his students best interests in mind every step of the way!
As a new instructor I have no doubt he has given me the best start that I could ask for, and I also know he has my back should I need help in the future.
Thanks Mike for all you’ve done!

~ Charles M. – Phoenix, AZ

If one word described Mike and his ability to train it would be…AWESOME!! As a retired police officer that has years of training experience, I can safely say that Mike is one of the best instructors I have ever known. He is not only patient, understanding, and supportive, but knowledgeable and passionate about every class he teaches. He is an excellent role model for other instructors and it was my honor to train under him and learn from him. If you are looking for an NRA instructor….look no further. Thanks Mike!
~ Greg I. – Phoenix, AZ

I am a military veteran and police officer who has been carrying a gun professionally and personally for all my adult life. I have had countless hours of instruction in multiple disciplines of shooting be that target practice, military operations with multiple weapon platforms ranging from pistols to fully automatic grenade launchers, to now a tactical/legal/professional police officer.  During that time, I have seen horrible instructors and great instructors, but none of them have held a candle to Mike.  When taking the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor’s Course with NRA Training Counselor Mike Abramovich, I not only learned to relate to the first time civilian shooter, as well as gain a new understanding of the professionalism needed in this industry of being a PROFESSIONAL firearms instructor. Mike Abramovich epitomizes both of these qualities.
Mike brings decades of experience to the table which is evident in his knowledge base when speaking about topics ranging from safety, law/legal, and tactics. One aspect of his class that I was not expecting was how he can engage and relate to all walks of life and experience levels of instructor candidates. Our class had business professionals, a medical doctor, military veterans, civilian firearms instructors, to me the police officer. For Mike to relate to each and every one of us and our talents and knowledge was simply amazing. I have never seen it and want to emulate it.  If an opportunity presents itself to take an NRA Course or if Mike gets into teaching underwater basket-weaving classes TAKE IT!

~ Josh L. – Chandler, AZ (Police Officer)

I can not say enough about the professionalism and training skill Mike possesses. With my own 20+ years in education it was very refreshing to find a professional trainer with a solid knowledge base, an expert in presentation, and emphasis in student participation and retention. Mike’s focus on class timeliness and retention is unmatched.
~ R.S. – El Paso, TX

In the many years of training and participating in workshops and training classes I can say Mike is one of the top facilitators I have had the pleasure to work with. Not only did he educate, he facilitated our group to take a lesson plan and make it our own. In turn, we all learned from others’ experiences in addition to gaining knowledge from the core curriculum.
~ Bill H. – Chandler, AZ (Business Consulting and Corporate Trainer)

Mike took individuals from varied lifestyles, professions and experience levels and “Leveled the playing field” masterfully. He has a knack for making each person feel equally accomplished. His experience and passion for training is evident. If you get the opportunity to enjoy his expertise, don’t miss it!
~ T.L. – Phoenix, AZ

Mike is an incredible asset to the training community. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Mike as either a student or colleague, take it! My experience with Mike during 20 hours of instructor training was remarkable and inspiring. Do yourself a favor and experience the encouraging and excellent attitude Mike brings to every class he teaches!
~ A.L. – Scottsdale, AZ

I have had the tremendous opportunity to take many of my NRA instructor courses from Mike, as well as assisting and co-instructing training courses with him. His professionalism, enthusiasm and teaching expertise set the standard for NRA Training Counselors. I encourage anyone to take a course from Mike, you will NOT be disappointed!
~ Rich M. – Scottsdale, AZ (NRA Training Counselor)

I first met Mike in 2009 when I enrolled in one of his personal protection/firearms classes through the National Rifle Association. Mike came highly recommended by the NRA as well as past students that I had the opportunity to speak with.
When I arrived at the class, I was greeted by a friendly and obviously knowledgeable man that was Mike Abramovich. I grew up around firearms and in personal protection, so I would be able to tell if I was being instructed by someone that did not know what he was talking about. This was not the case with Mike. I walked away with not only an NRA Instructor Certification, but knowledge that I did not already have from 35 years of being around firearms and 10 years of law enforcement.
I was so impressed by Mike, his staff, and his company, that I have returned to Mike for Instructor ratings in at least five more NRA disciplines.
In fact, I am disappointed that I do not have other courses that I wish to pursue just so I can sit in another class with Mike.

~ Barry A. – Yuma, AZ (EMS Chief)

I recently completed a 3 day Certified Instructor Academy with Mike Abramovich, Chief Instructor at Certified Instruction and Training, LLC. I was more than a little impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism Mike brought to the course. Mike presented the course materials with an upbeat and positive attitude, and a confidence that only comes from years of experience as an instructor. Mike’s courses are well organized, comprehensive, and a LOT of fun! Mike is “as good as it gets”, and he is truly committed to providing the very best training available. I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their skills!
~ M.S. – Scottsdale, AZ

Mike is my Training Counselor for NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. I have also had the honor of assisting Mike with Instructor Academies and Basic Firearms instruction. Mike is a highly qualified, effective and responsible educator and mentor. His integrity and dedication to whatever he endeavors is above reproach. If you are looking for the best instructor training, I highly Mike Abramovich.
~ Steve P. – Dover, TN

Mike has a great background and knowledge of the NRA and its subject matter.  He also has an awesome teaching style that really promotes a confidence into his students. I’m very glad I chose his classes and plan on more in the future.
~ J. S. – Phoenix, AZ

NRA Pistol Instructor Course

After taking your class, I consider it an honor to have joined the fortunate cadre of individuals, who have had the privilege of participating in one or your NRA certified classes offered by you and Certified Instruction & Training LLC. I’m proud to have been certified, not just by the NRA, but as one of Mike Abramovich’s instructors! I look forward to carrying out a tradition of teaching excellence, that you have developed over the many years, and that you and your course instilled in me this weekend.
Throughout my professional career, which exceeds 50 years, I have taken many certified classes, in a variety of subjects, as part of my continued educational and personal development, and I can honestly say, that I can’t remember participating in a “total class environment” that exceeded, or was better prepared and presented than the course that I experienced with you as my Chief Instructor. Every single detail that a student would expect to experience, was more than met or exceeded, from the nice gesture of providing food and beverages, to the room set up, right down to the table cloths, and name placards at each student setting, and that was just the beginning! What followed was an experience of “teaching excellence” presented by a master, passionately committed to his mission!
Thank you for being you Mike, and choosing to do what you do, as well as you do it! I look forward to many more classes with you in the future, and will be certain to recommend you to friends and family.
~ Bruce T. Ph.D. – Scottsdale, AZ

I have had the good fortune of having taken several classes taught by Mike Abramovich over the years and highly recommend him and Certified Instruction and Training to anyone seeking quality firearms training. Mike has a professional and highly relatable teaching method that puts true beginners at ease and keeps more advanced students engaged – a talent that is rare to find. In a time when it is hard to determine just who is the truly passionate, knowledgeable and capable professional that provides a service that is of great value, effective, high quality and enjoyable, someone like Mike Abramovich quickly rises to the top of the list. Mike’s genuine desire for the success and safety of his students is proven by his outstanding reputation in the industry and track record of satisfied clients.
~ Jay I. – Las Vegas, NV

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Mike’s instructor courses. I have had many instructors and teachers over my 30 year professional career but the professionalism he demonstrates in the planning, communication and thoroughness of his approach is second to none. Mike overlooks no detail in preparation for class making his students comfortable and providing them the optimum opportunity to learn and teach. Mike is a great instructor. His teaching style engages the student building skill and confidence quickly. There are always opportunities for improvement and Mike delivers actionable feedback that builds the student’s skills in a very constructive way. I look forward to studying and working with Mike again in the near future.
~ Ron W. – Scottsdale, AZ

I did not know what to expect when I first signed up for the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course taught by Mike Abramovich. I was, to say the least, a bit apprehensive. Not because of anything I heard, but because this would be the first training taken outside of my profession and I have had the luck and opportunity to have received some very good training over the years. Let me be clear: I believe the keystone to the success of this class is Mike’s teaching ability and passion as an instructor. He is a world class instructor.
~ Rick B (Law Enforcement Officer) Gilbert, AZ

Recommendations are important to all businesses and individuals looking for a service/product. When it comes to safety instructor training; the quality of the recommendation takes on a whole new level of importance.  Mike delivered knowledge, experience, attitude, skills, and importantly, he delivered in an experiential way so everyone “got it.” As a trainer for my company, I always walk into someone else’s classroom with very high expectations — Mike exceeded them in all areas. I’m looking forward to taking more training from him… he is a true professional.
~ George G. – Scottsdale, AZ

Mike is an incredible instructor. He was able to impart his extensive knowledge on the subject matter with ease and confidence. More importantly, as his student, I learned a great deal about teaching others regarding operations. I have subsequently signed up for another of his classes to further my knowledge. As an instructor myself, I am confident in my obligations knowing I have learned from one of the best. I encourage you to attend his courses and see for yourself how integrity and expertise can be applied in a personable way.
~ P.C. – Fountain Hills, AZ

PPITH Instructor Course

These are from Instructor Candidates that came to us after they already had become Pistol Instructor by another Training Counselor

Mike Abramovich the most outstanding NRA Training Counselor that I know! His teaching style is open, informative and calm. The training environment that Mike creates helps to create a low stress classroom which ensures that students retain the information and skills being taught.
I drove 80 miles round trip and it was worth every mile! I highly recommend taking one of Mike’s classes!

~ Tom T. – Phoenix, AZ

If you have ever attended an NRA class and thought it was sub par with today’s standards for training, you attended the wrong one. Mike sets the standard for quality training. I have 10 years of experience with military, law enforcement and 7 as an NRA Certified Instructor. I didn’t respect NRA training and refused to teach it until I took my last certification from MIKE who set me straight. I left his range humbled by the experience. I feel any person who attends any level class from this man can not make it home without feeling the same way. I will encourage everyone interested in an NRA course or interested in learning to instruct, to see this man.
~ Dave L – Mesa, AZ

Although Mike bills himself as an Instructor, I chose to classify him as a Career Coach simply because that is the “value add” you receive when attending his workshops. I have been to many firearms training courses and was completely taken by surprise from the moment I arrived on Day 1. There was constant quality in the way he runs the course, shares his extensive knowledge, and keeps his students riveted, watered…and well-fed. I have been a firearms instructor for many years and am rated #1 on TripAdvisor for the tours we offer yet I walked away from Mike’s course with a fresh perspective on how to work with beginners as well as seasoned shooters. There are certain times in your career when you know you learned something BIG or had an epiphany…my time with Mike was just that.
~ Zev N. – Scottsdale, AZ

I’ve had well over 300 hours of formal firearms training and have been to a number of instructor certification courses. Without a doubt, Mike and his team at Certified Instruction & Training are among the most professional of the teams with which I’ve worked. Mike’s professionalism shows from well before the start of class with emails explaining what to expect and insuring that we had the information, materials and equipment needed to get the most out of the class. I not only learned great techniques for delivering my own classes but I also met great people and had a lot of fun. I will actively search out other opportunities to receive certification training from Mike and his team.
~ Dave D. – Peoria, AZ

The Well Armed Woman

When I wrote NRA Certified Instructor on my bucket list over five years ago I did not know the journey would include flying to Phoenix AZ and taking instruction from NRA Training Counselor Mike Abramovich, Chief Instructor at Certified Instruction and Training, LLC. Mike was my instructor in a 3 day NRA certification course that was offered by The Well Armed Women. I know what you’re thinking, A women’s training course, dedicated to women training women and you’re learning it from a man? Mike was able to take his knowledge and skill and guide 15 women and their passion in a direction that gave them the confidence to instruct other women (and men). His ability to bring out everyone’s natural leadership and training skills is what makes his program so successful. All of us walked away with the tools we need to start our own businesses giving women (and men) the skills and strength they need to safely protect themselves and their families. Thank you Mike for sharing your knowledge with me. You will definitely see me again in your classroom as I expand my course offerings.
~ Christa F – Atlanta, GA

Mike was my NRA Training Counselor for my NRA Instructor Certifications. I have attended many types of training and have to say that my experience with Mike was top notch all the way. He has a way of reaching ALL of his students! I feel I received some of the best training in the country. I look forward to learning from and working with Mike in the future!! One of the best experiences of my life!
~ Patti B. – Orlando, FL

Mike is a fantastic, personable, knowledgeable, and serious firearms instructor. Very few men have the ability to win the minds and hearts of 15 strong-willed gun gals. Mike is one of those few men. Our graduating class of NRA Instructors were well-trained. Life-altering experience!
~ Dianna L. – Santa Fe, NM

I’ve worked with many trainers over many years. Mike is definitely one of the best when it comes to teaching the teachers. He’s thorough, detailed, and makes the class very enjoyable . I could easily get the same certifications in my back door, but I will not hesitate to travel across the country to train and learn from Mike. When you have Mike’s signature on a Certificate of Accomplishment, you can be proud of something you’ve earned and know that you deserve. He is a great teacher and mentor.
~ Becky B. – Kansas City, MO

I just attended one of Mike’s classes and can’t believe what an awesome experience it was. As a woman I didn’t think that a male teacher would work out, but I was so wrong. Mike has the expertise and knowledge that can cross any barriers. I came away from his class knowing that I had the skill and confidence needed to excel at my own training. I also know that Mike will always be there if I am ever in need of assistance or redirection in the future.
~ Cindy W. – Atlanta, GA

NRA training counselor extraordinare! Mike Abramovich is, no doubt, one of the best instructors I have ever encountered. With graduate degrees in health care and many decades of educational experience I have had many teachers, Mike is on the top of the list! If you have the opportunity to experience one of his classes you will receive more than you expect or deserve…he makes learning enjoyable while very rich in content. He offers extemely positive reinforcement while making the students earn these rewards. This man is a very gifted educator and he presents himself without egotism. Please do not hesitate to experience his classes- you will be impressed, as I was.
~ Mary F. – Greeley, CO

Mike brings a new level of organization, discipline, and enthusiasm into the Train the Trainer environment. I’ve been through many classes with very competent and respected trainers – Mike rises to the top of my list. Whether you are brand new to training, or well established and looking to expand your skills – I would highly recommend Mike’s services.
~ S.H. – Green Bay, WI

Hands down I would recommend Mike as a Firearms instructor and consultant. Just recently I attended a couple of NRA courses to become an instructor and Mike was the instructor. Key points about these courses were, they solely focused on women becoming instructors for women, supporting The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) organization. Mike’s keen ability to instructor to this type and level of students was great. He knows what he is teaching, enjoys it and highly contributed to the courses success. Since my classes with Mike I have met a few other NRA instructors who have been taught by Mike and 100% have given him a thumbs-up.
~ S.K. – Yuma, AZ

CCW Classes

I really enjoyed the CCW class this past weekend. You presented a lot of good information and gave us some things to consider. I look forward to possibly taking other classes that you offer.
~ D. B. – Buckeye, AZ

Thanks for the great class! The amount of time spent in class and on the range was perfect. The class pace was not too slow were I felt board or too fast where I felt rushed. I look forward to taking the PPITH and PPOTH classes. Please email me the information when available.
~ D. H. Phoenix, AZ

Awesome class.  I would not change a thing about it.  Being a novice to firearms, I was a bit nervous about the class because of my limited knowledge and skill but I got a lot of important information.  Not only did I receive information about CCW permits but also valuable information about gun safety and handling.  Thank you Mike.
~ S. P. – Buckeye, AZ

Mike, I thoroughly enjoyed your class on Saturday,25, April. Particularly like the casualness and humor the instructors employed…. Made me feel welcome and relaxed. Learned much more than I expected… Would like to sit in sometime, again.
~ Rob C – Buckeye, AZ