“Time flies, days turn into years. When we cherish each and every moment of our life, magical events starts taking place in life.”

― Purvi Raniga

This year is about accountability, transparency, while putting in fast, quick, speedy implementation and action bias towards four quarterly goals! My main intention, focus and attitude is as follows:

My outcome for this year of 2022 is to share the VISION OF HUMAN EXCELLENCE. I expect to be a better entrepreneur, artist, and overall person with my character and follow through with work ethic. This is the lifestyle – a life of responsibility and invigoration. By doing so, I am bettering my networking, people skills, staying accountable to my business team, my closest relationships and dreams.

I am investing every day consciously applying the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success. Daily Reading and Listening

In the pursuit of the dream and of embodying and fostering human excellence, on December 1, 2022,I have…

  • grown and scaled my network marketing business to live 100% on business income
  • created 4 animated short films in the 4 QUARTERS (90 DAYS each) using BLENDER AND UNREAL 5 ENGINE – (Oscars Requirements Met)
  • created10x in revenue total to give and create a quality service to our businesses and consumers
  • OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING: grew in strength, conditioning and power to lift 2.5x my bodyweight (improved diet and protein intake, whole foods, etc.)
  • FOR MY SOUL: worked on 1 PIECE OF ART in (film photography, charcoal, paint, weekly vlogs, Blender animations, etc) daily

1 Short Film Completed
Living 10% Business Income

1 Short Film Completed
Living 30% Business Income

1 Short Film Completed
Living 70% Business Income

1 Short Film Completed
Living 100% Business Income

No time for experimenting. It’s to know and take it to a level of mastery. Mastery of SELF-WORTH.