The Story Of Creedmoor

Posted by Mike Abramovich on  February 8, 2021
The National Rifle Association, barely two years old, was ill-prepared when in November 1873 the ‘New York Herald’ published a challenge to the riflemen of America from the riflemen of Ireland. Their Creedmoor rifle range on Long Island had opened in Spring that year, and there was growing sporting interest in rifle shooting notably from the Amateur Rifle Club of New York City. In Great Britain their National Rifle Association had been established for over
By Health Fitness Revolution The benefits of participating in shooting sports can improve your health both physically and mentally Whether you’re preparing for the military or police academy or just out for a recreational activity, going to a shooting range can be a stress-relieving adventure. Believe it or not, the benefits of participating in shooting sports can improve your health both physically and mentally. Here are the top 10 health benefits of going to a
The Well Armed Woman has now trained over 150 female instructors from every nook and cranny of this country By Carrie Lightfoot I don’t talk about our instructor certification courses much, but after spending last weekend with 15 more amazing women who are determined to push through whatever it took to become the best firearms instructors they could be, I just can’t resist. When I launched this division of The Well Armed Woman in February
Ammunition for the modern rifles and pistols we use fall into one of those two categories, and it’s important to understand the differences between them. By Philip J. Massaro In the course of your research when looking to buy a rifle or pistol, odds are you’ve come across the terms “rimfire” and “centerfire,” used to define the type of ammunition a particular firearm uses. While more experienced shooters may toss these terms around loosely and
If your shotgun swing tends to occur with minimal, or no, body turn, it’s easy to practice the proper maneuver. By Nick Sisley You can practice at home with an unloaded gun. In addition to learning to turn your entire body as you swing the shotgun, you’ll also be practicing a proper gun mount. The tendency for so many is a dip maneuver. As the gun is mounted, the right hand gets too active in