Rifle Shooting

The Story Of Creedmoor

The National Rifle Association, barely two years old, was ill-prepared when in November 1873 the ‘New York Herald’ published a challenge to the riflemen of America from the riflemen of Ireland. Their Creedmoor rifle range on Long Island had opened in Spring that year, and there was growing sporting interest in rifle shooting notably from the Amateur Rifle Club of New York City. In Great Britain their National Rifle Association had been established for over […]

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Vertical Fore Grips on modern sporting rifles

Vertical Fore grips may be the most popular AR accessory purchased, but most people don’t know the history of them and why we use them on modern sporting rifles. I just saw another picture posted on Facebook with a shooter holding the Vertical Fore Grip (VFG) on an AR like you would shooting a submachine gun. How many of you have an AR-15 with a vertical fore grip? Are you gripping like you would milk

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